August 07, 2013

Greg Abbott's latest lawsuit

We all know the self-identified job description of Texas' chief money-waster, a chewer of even more cash than Rick Perry and his special sessions.

As  Greg Abbott perceives his job as attorney general:
During his tenure as Texas attorney general, Greg Abbott has developed a bit of a routine: "I go into the office," he told a GOP audience in San Angelo in Februrary, "I sue Barack Obama, and then I go home." It's a line he uses in virtually every speech he gives and it has the benefit of being basically true.
 Of course, now that he's running for governor, this is part of his stump speech everywhere: "Obamacare is bad for 'X'." He keeps this up, and he's going to have to sue himself for talking about Obama too much.

Two sidebars to this, too.

One is that he may actually get a few people so perked or piqued, even self-declared Republicans, that they check out the truth of a few of his claims and find them wanting.

The second is that he gives a ready-made slogan to his primary opponent, Tom Pauken. "There's two candidates in this race, and Barack Obama isn't one of them. I'm not sure Greg Abbott is one, either."

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