June 25, 2013

So what's Obama's real position on marijuana

Despite the Inspector Jauvert-type antics of a US District Attorney in Montana, as depicted here by Alternet, way too many Obamiacs and semi-Obamiacs are still ready to give Dear Leader a pass on the issue, including the author of that Alternet piece.

Reality? When DA Michael Cotter now goes on the record, and Attorney General Eric Hitler, and Obama, don't nuance his statements, when are you going to stop giving Dear Leader a "pass" on the issue?

Add in Project Prism by the National Security Agency, and another federal directive encouraging federal employees to spy on one another, and it should be clear that Obama's social liberalism is very selective and very campaign driven. And medical marijuana doesn't have the same lobby as gay rights does, so that's why you got no hat tip in the 2012 campaign.

And, now that we're in "legacy" mode, you sill won't.

That said, do prescribed marijuana substitutes offer all the health benefits of marijuana? No. Do they offer some? Yes. For other conditions, is using something like an inhalator better than directly smoking marijuana? Yes.

The problem is that, in most states (New Mexico a notable exception) medical marijuana has overreached enough to have given clear signals that "medical" should be put in scare quotes, as I just did.

Related to that is he problem that marijuana growers, even if not part of cartels, even if alleged 1960s hippies, often practice growing practices that are environmentally harmful.

The bigger problem, though, in the issue at hand is that the Obama Administration doesn't want to work with state laws at all. It's just as hard-nosed on this issue as W.'s team was. Which is why the Alternet writer, despite his connections to former Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer (or because of?) is still kind of clueless at best and in denial at worst.

We need a liberal president who either still smokes pot now, or else never did, unlike Dear Leader and the Slickster (despite his "didn't inhale" denial) to address the issue, I guess.

Maybe, just maybe, in about 50 years, our federal government will get honest about both illegal drugs and legal pharmaceuticals.

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