June 27, 2013

Feeling sorry for #WestTX, but not $17 million sorry

The city of West has reportedly filed suit against West Fertilizer Co. over the blast in the city in April that killed 15 people.

I understand why you're doing that. I even understand why you're going after the "deep pockets" of CF Industries.

I do NOT understand, though, how a city the size of West could let itself have $17 million in uninsured assets, now $17 million in uninsured losses.

I've said this before: It's part of a mindset. It's a mindset that starts with top state Republicans like Rick Perry and flows downhill from there. But, government on the cheap is a staple of local level governments in Texas, too.

And, how good does this look for your out-of-state business recruiting trips, Tricky Ricky? I'm sure businesses want to move to communities that are that lack in municipal fiscal management, and that will then sue businesses. (I'm not denying that at least the fertilizer company deserves a suit.)

And, folks in West, including municipal government? What happens when you run up against all the tort "reform" laws the GOP Lege passed and Perry signed into law over the past several years?

Answer, I'll venture: Not much. Old mindsets probably won't change quickly. Sadly.

And, you everyday folks who complain about too much of even municipal government? Guess what?

If you live in West, you're now going to either get to pay a LOT more taxes or get a LOT fewer services.

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