June 22, 2013

Metroplex memories renewed


Four full years.
That’s how long it’s been
Since I last visited the Metroplex
Of my own design and on my own.
In all the time of my exile
Elsewhere in Texas
I had never gone back
Until now.

It’s still booming, no doubt of that.
The freeway construction in Fort Worth
Looked like Houston!
Still-unconnected ramps heading everywhere
To connections unsure in my mind,
Gone too long to completely visualize the plan.
And the Kimbell?
A jewel originally,
I hope the expansion leaves it
As still a jewel, albeit larger.
The Amon Carter?
Still featuring great Americana art.
Speaking of, why did the Botanical Garden
Have to be closed for an artist’s party?
Que sera, I guess.
And, hey, Ron Snider?
Was that you I saw at the Fort Worth Central Market?
It’s been nearly five years
Since I sat in the Choral Terrace seats at the Meyerson,
And you look a lot different without your timpani in front,
But it sure looked like you.

Why couldn’t I find other work in Dallas,
Or Fort Worth,
When my newspaper company closed?
Why did greedy banksters and greedy housing bubblers
Have to wreck our economy
And force me to act in fear
And become a vagabond?

Why can’t my personal connections
And acquaintances, and social networks
Get me back to the place I once belonged
To what was home?

June 22, 2013

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