June 20, 2013

Politicized rice farmers blame politics for farm bill defeat

First, I'm glad the proposed farm bill lost in the House, because it cut food stamps way, way too much. (And it's sad that, even with those massive cuts, only 24 Dems would vote against it. Real liberals need to thank wingnuts for being wingnuts.) And, it had other problems, too.

Too much in deductibles support on crop insurance backups. Not enough cuts on commodity supports on some crops, much of which goes to corporate farmers, like Texas members of the USA Rice Federation. That group said:
"U.S. farmers, ranchers, rural America, taxpayers, and consumers all lost today but politics is evidently alive and well," said USA Rice Producers' Group chair Linda Raun.  "Rather than pass a bill that reduces the deficit by $40 billion while meeting the commitments of a farm bill, the country was treated to more Washington dysfunction," Raun added.  "Patience in farm country is wearing thin.  This is a sad day for rural America.  Members of Congress need to ask themselves if they want to reduce the deficit or just talk about it.  Failure to pass a farm bill leaves rural America in limbo." 
Let's get rid of all the corporate farm socialism pork in the farm bill, as part of what we do to "reduce the deficit."

In Texas, rice farmers are regularly at the hog trough, whether wanting extra water out of the Colorado during ongoing West Texas drought, or stuff like this.

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