May 27, 2013

Will Tricky Ricky Perry challenge Big John Cornyn?

As the regular (or irregular?) session of the Texas Legislature moves toward sine die, and political watchers in the state wonder if Gov. Rick Perry will call a special session, and when he will have it convene if he does, and what will be on its agenda if he does, they also know that this issue relates to something else: his plans for his political future.

By no later than midsummer, most political touts are expecting Gov. Helmethair to announce whether or not he's running for re-election in 2014, and whether or not he's considering another presidential run in 2016.

There is option No. 3: Running in 2014, but not for governor.

I know it sounds like a bit of a longshot, but, it's not out of the realm of probability, I think, for Perry to run against John Cornyn in 2014. The wingnut world thinks Big John is vulnerable in Texas, especially with the ascension of Ted Cruz. And, Perry still thinks he has enough of an "in" with those folks that he could be tempted.

On the national stage, he came off in 2012 as sounding like the Sarah Palin of Texas. Well, he's smarter than her, but, still, there is a fair degree of parallels. Closer yet are the parallels between him and Jan Brewer.

Cornyn's seat would give him a more national platform, and a chance to run in 2020 for the head cheeseship, or 2024 if he passes in 2020.

I would be surprised if he did take this particular plunge. But, I wouldn't be totally surprised.

Stay tuned to see what may happen in a potential special session.

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