May 01, 2013

Tim Hudson not close to Hall of Fame

Except in the mind of ESPN fluffer David Schoenfield, Atlanta Braves pitcher Tim Hudson is NOT, NOT, NOT building a Hall of Fame career.

There has to be something in ESPN's water coolers to for them to consistently spout nonsense like this.

Schoenfield first reverts to the non-sabermetric stat of winning percentage, showing he knows he has a weak case. He at least admits Hudson is not there yet, though he insists he's "getting there" on a HOF career.


Per his Baseball-Reference page, he's got very little black ink, and not even a lot of gray ink. For not walking a lot of people, his WHIP is on the high-ish side. He's only been over 6 WAR twice in his career. And, at 37, the clock is ticking on him getting counting stats.

If he gets to 240 wins, which he could by the end of 2015, at age 39, then let's talk about how close he is.

And, it's in the water over there at ESPN, for sure. Jonah Keri thinks Kevin Brown is a HOFer.


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