May 03, 2013

The week in the most transparently slouching toward Gomorrah administration in history

OK, "the most transparent administration in history" is anything but that, in general, but it's been hitting a new pitch this week.

Let's start with this plan to force Facebook, Google, et al to cough up even more private information about us, when the gummint orders it. Again, if BushCo said that, liberals would be having a massive group coronary, but, once again, the "soft bigotry of low expectations" may come into play.

Next, and speaking of communications? A telecom mogul and lobbyist gets tabbed to be the fox watching the chickens at the Federal Communications Commission.

Tom Wheeler then gets topped.

The woman who foisted Dear Leader on the presidency, Penny Pritzker, gets a birthday president when he nominates her to run the Commerce Department. (Must be a Chicago deal, since Bill Daley did that gig before.)

Meanwhile, Obama's private banker, Jamie Dimon, where Dear Leader I believe still has a $500K checking account, is in a heap of new trouble. I'm sure slaps on the wrist are forthcoming.

Finally, Eric Posner says there's nothing stopping Obama from closing Gitmo.

No wonder Obama was his laughing self at the White House press gang's annual shindig. He cleared a whole lot of work off his plate.

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