April 05, 2013

#Douthat: Adoptive parents not "real"

In his pathological drive to shout down calls for gay marriage, via a multi-part blog and column series, Ross Douthat keeps digging the hole deeper.

The latest in his "triptych" (interesting religious word there, Rossty) is the worst.
An hour in a nursery will remind you that the decline of the two-parent family hasn’t eliminated the basic desire of children to know their parents.
Let's repeat that last part ...

"Hasn't eliminated the basic desire of children to know their parents." So, old Rossty, then adoptive parents aren't real parents? Because it's clear that you're insinuating "The basic desire of chlidren to know their (biological) parents."

Actually, you can't be insinuating that, because, due to in vitro fertilzation, gay or lesbian couples can raise their own biological children.

So, you're really insinuating "The basic desire of children to know their (heterosexual, married biological) parents."

A: That's hugely circular reasoning.

B. By indicating those are the only "real" parents, you just keep digging this hole deeper. Especially shooting your conservative Christian self in the foot re adoptive parents.

It's clear you're a pathological homophobe, at least on the issue of marital rights.

Should this be a surprise? Douthat, like his rough coequal, Rod Dreher, could be called some sort of "Crunchy Con." Dreher's shown himself to be a huge homophobe. Guess the mask is slipping off Douthat too.

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