March 02, 2013

This week in religion: real and fake martyrs, real and fake Lents

Candida Moss' book abot the myth vs reality of martyrdom among Christians in pre-Constantinian rome is getting a lot of play. See my review of what I'm reading about it, here, including why such a book is highly relevant today.

Among fake martyrs? He may not be Bill O'Reilly with a "War on Christmas," but ex-pope Benedict XVI had no problem regularly insinuating there was a War on Catholicism. My "fond farewell" is here.

And, then there's "faitheists," celebrating a fake Lent and coming close to being fake atheists in the process. See my takedown here

And Alternet and nonreligious actors/actresses don't know what atheism actually is, as detailed here.

Looking ahead on all issues? Christian conservatives will continue to promote teh "war" idea, complete with hand-to-forehead fake martyrdom. Due to Benedict and John Paul II totally stacking the College of Cardinals, American Catholics should not expect a liberalizer. Nor should non-Europeans expect a person of color, though that will happen before 2050. "Faitheists" will continue their "branding" ideas. Many people will continue to confuse irreligious with atheist and vice versa; professional Gnu Atheists have practically made a career out of it.

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