February 26, 2013

Rod Dreher: Anti-gay bigot

As someone who lived in Dallas a number of years, I semi-regularly read Dreher when he was a Dallas Morning News columnist. Like Ross Douthat at the New York Times, he reminded me of two things — the Peter Principle and the existence of a promotional network for young conservative writers. He also reminded me of Douthat directly; both in some ways being "crunchy cons," conservatives who gave off a patina of having a "moderate" take on a couple of issues, issues that weren't core ones for them.

Well, after he left the Snooze, I didn't really read him any more.

I had met him personally, once, about a year or so before he left. He certainly seemed personable enough. Of course, I didn't let on that I read him regularly, and that I, among others, contacted his boss, the editorial page editor, about him violating company policy and creating a conflict of interest by also writing for World Net Daily.

But, maybe he seemed personable for another reason.

I guess that's because as a straight man, I didn't put off some sort of "gay funk."

Because, per Alternet, the real Dreher is a flaming homophobe, one who can talk about "gay McCarthyism."

More on Dreher's background as a young conservative in general, and a highly bigoted one, here.

Why bring this up now?

Dreher has a new book out, "The Little Way of Ruthie Leming," for which he got an advance possibly as much as $1 million. It's been speculated that he may wind up on Oprah.

Well, Ms. Naive had better learn more about Dreher's background.

I'm not surprised, even if I hadn't followed details of him to know about his gay-bashing for some time.

Dreher also used to be a regular on Beliefnet. Given that it's by no means limited to fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals, that website also needs to be made aware of Dreher's full background.

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