SocraticGadfly: More on Lyin Braun the so-called #HebrewHammer

February 15, 2013

More on Lyin Braun the so-called #HebrewHammer

Looks like the paper trail of possible roiding by Lyin Braun, also known as Ryan Braun, also called the Hebrew Hammer, except here, where he's also called Juiced Maccabee, is getting thicker.

That said, the paper trail doesn't seem enough thicker for MLB to be able to do too much yet. And ESPN reports that the DEA and FBI aren't yet (publicly) looking at Biogenesis.

That said, if you believe this, I've got some Juiced Maccabee swampland in the Negev to sell you:
Martin Singer, a well-known Los Angeles attorney for celebrities, responded to questions posed to Braun's publicist by saying, "My client confirmed last week that there was an alleged claim for money owed to Mr. Bosch because he had been used as a consultant by my client's attorneys in his successful appeal with MLB last year. Several witnesses can corroborate how Mr. Bosch requested over thousands of dollars for his consulting with my client's attorneys last year. My client has no relationship with Tony Bosch, and the only relationship Mr. Bosch had was with my client's attorneys as a consultant."

Singer said that if Braun's name appears in the documents, it is only because Bosch was trying to get whatever money he could from Braun from the consulting arrangement. "It is clear that this is all false," Singer said. He threatened legal action against ESPN if it aired or published this report. The two attorneys who represented Braun's appeal last year, David Cornwell and Chris Lyons, declined comment.
So, why would Braun be in arrears on a consulting arrangement? And why would have used Bosch as a consultant in the first place, as I wondered when I first blogged about Lyin Braun?

And, Brewers fans, I'm going to keep saying that about Juiced Maccabee. Live by the cheap nickname, die by the cheap nickname.

I'm not the only one who thinks he's lying:
A source familiar with the documents obtained by "Outside the Lines" said the list with Braun's name, which also includes New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez and Francisco Cervelli and Toronto's Melky Cabrera, was a list of players who received PEDs, and that there is "no other reason to be on that paper."
Cabrera's already done a non-denial no comment, fessing up indirectly to something related to his 50-game suspension last year while indicating he legally couldn't comment on his name being on that paper.

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