SocraticGadfly: #CatholicMoment: Ross Douthat hits Ratzi the Nazi lying levels

February 16, 2013

#CatholicMoment: Ross Douthat hits Ratzi the Nazi lying levels

Douthat's latest column bemoans the loss of Catholic social influence in the US from the death of John Paul II to the resignation of Benedict XVI, aka Ratzi the Nazi.

The lying starts here:
Indeed, between Mitt Romney’s comments about the mooching 47 percent and the White House’s cynical decision to energize its base by picking fights over abortion and contraception, both parties spent 2012 effectively running against Catholic ideas about the common good. 
The reality, of course, is that President Obama has pretty much bent over backward on Obamacare vis-a-vis Catholic hospital issues, etc. Catholic hospitals themselves, at least the one in Colorado trying to claim a fetus is not a person in order to dodge a lawsuit, have been running against their own ideas.

And, beyond recent lying over sexual abuse, you have a church that is institutionally anti-female on contraception, institutionally anti-sexuality on clergy celibacy, and, at the level of the Vatican treasury, speaking of lies, institutionally anti-social justice by "laying up treasures here on earth."

Add in Benedict's decision to stay in the Vatican post-resignation to avoid extradition (and we should de-recognize it) and it's clear nothing will change.

Thanks, Ross. I'll pass on any future "Catholic moments."

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