January 04, 2013

Biographical BS from my new GOP Congresscritter, Bill Flores

Bill Flores
I loove the BS of the new post-redistricting Congresscritter for my area, Bill Flores. Here's a tidbit of it, from his Congressional biography page. A descendent of a ranching family and Texas A&M grad, he says "the Flores family never asked for or sought government assistance." Really? No ag price supports? No Pell grants or other help to go to A&M?

He claims to have paid his own way through A&M, but says nothing about his MBA from Houston Baptist. Nor does he mention government-guaranteed student loans.

Besides, he got plenty of gummint handouts in his "private sector" employment:
Before retiring to pursue public service, Flores worked in the energy industry for nearly three decades.
Hey, Bill? If you worked for Big Oil (which is what "energy industry" means in Texas, right?) you and your company had your faces in the gummint hog trough. And, if you were an accountant, you know in detail about just what help you got.

In fact, per your Wikipedia bio, you were a fricking drain on the gummint:
During his time with Marine Drilling he personally oversaw Bankruptcy filings which resulted in a 7.5 million loss to the federal government.
Yeah, a whole shitload of gummint assistance.


You lied about that when you first ran for Congress. Per the Dallas Morning News:
The Republican challenger who has assailed Rep. Chet Edwards for supporting taxpayer bailouts once led his company through a bankruptcy that let it avoid a $7.5 million debt to the U.S. government.

Although Bill Flores, a retired Bryan energy executive, has said all creditors were fully repaid with interest, court records show otherwise. The 1992 bankruptcy allowed Marine Rig 200 Inc. to repay just $3 million of $10.5 million owed to the U.S. Maritime Administration, which held the mortgage on a drilling rig the company owned.

"The value of hindsight tells me the deal worked fine for everyone but the federal government," Flores said Thursday, describing his earlier contention about creditor compensation as largely accurate.
Gimme a break. Gimme a "fuck you John Boehner" break.

Beyond that, you were born on an Air Force base. If your dad went to college, he got GI Bill help.

And, per your bankruptcy, you're another Texas MBA grad in the oil bidness who didn't know a damn thing about it. And, no, we don't miss "him" yet, eitehr.

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