January 02, 2013

Al Jazeera + Al Gore = Al Air America?

No, jokes and multilingual puns aside, it's serious. Al Jazeera TV wants to buy Current, Al Gore's cable network.

And why not?

Per the story, it gets Al Jazeera plus current highly limited US broadcasting of its own network. And, Current is currently making some dinero. And, present editorial staff at Current might benefit from piggybacking in the Middle East on Al Jazeera there.

And, that said, contra the Yahoo story, or updating what shouldn't need updating, in 2011, Dave Marash, former DC anchor for Al Jazeera, said it was NOT anti-American, according to his Wikipedia page.

Al Jazeera plus Current could provide something better than originally hoped for on Air America, too.

Plus, the Pam Gellar type Islamophobe wingnuts would shit bricks royally, too. That's reason enough for this merger.

And, beyond this, why shouldn't we have more opportunities to see Al Jazeera? Screw Comcast et al.

Or screw Time Warner, which dropped Current just after the takeover.

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