December 03, 2012

Just say NO to telecommuting

Don't believe the bullshit about how it will make your work easier. Basically, it's a ploy to get you to work harder and longer, and we now have documentation:
(A)ccording to a new study from The University of Texas at Austin, for most employees who work remotely, telecommuting equates to working more hours.

The study, co-authored by Jennifer Glass, professor in the Department of Sociology and the Population Research Center, shows that most of the 30 percent of respondents who work from home add five to seven hours to their workweek compared with those who work exclusively at the office. They are also significantly less likely to work a standard 40 hour schedule and more likely to work overtime. In fact, most telecommuting hours occur after an employee has already put in 40 hours of work at the office.
So, there you go. It's just a way for your boss to try to get you to work longer. And, since you're a white-collar salaried person, and you're agreeing to this, no way in hell he (or maybe she) is going to give you "comp time" for those additional hours of work you're doing by telecommuting.

Period. End of story.

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