December 07, 2012

Hutchison determined to leave Senate on a wingnut note

Ahh, Miss Cheerleader. (And what is it with Republicans who are cheer or yell leaders in high school or college, then become politicians? Rick Perry, W., KBH, etc?)

Anyway, in her latest PR column, she's determined to hold on to supply-side dogma until somebody pries it from her cold dead hands:
Pundits, economists, politicians and Americans from every walk of life have been discussing the rapidly approaching fiscal cliff that the country is poised to go over on January 1st.  People are understandably both scared and frustrated.

Recently, I wrote about the effects of higher tax rates on the small businesses we depend on to create new jobs.  Raising tax rates on these job creators would be bad for our ailing economy and depressing news for the more than 20 million Americans who are seeking full-time work. 

Fortunately there’s a better way.  

It has been proven time and again that lowering taxes for everyone results in higher revenues.  If we enact lower, flatter tax rates for everyone, we would accomplish the goal of a fairer, simpler tax system, which would be a catalyst for faster economic growth.  Small businesses have historically invested in their companies and grown their businesses – resulting in increased hiring.
Ahh, what laughability in the name of pee-down economics.

Don't you mean job outsourcers like Mitt Romney, not "job creators"?

Small businesses have historically done all sorts of things,  not just reinvested in their businesses. Let's not forget that, reinvesting or not, many small businesses fail.

"Fairer, simpler tax system" is of course code for making it even less progressive than it is now. You get the rest of the picture. 

And, Kay, if you really want to create jobs, get some more National Parks in Texas and the country, or other protected public lands. 

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