October 10, 2012

US more of a police state, thanks in part to Obama; #VoteGreen

I guess, courtesy in part of then-Senator Barack Obama's HUGE flip-flop in summer 2008, we've officially come more of a police state here in the US. The US Supreme Court has upheld telecom immunity in telco companies (except, honorably, Qwest) warrantless wiretapping/snooping on American citizens.

This is yet another reason I tell people to vote Green, that is, Jill Stein for President.

I already, before the end of 2007, had “seen through” Obama to some degree, but his 2008 flip-flop on telco immunity was something concrete and empirical I could have in Obamiacs’ faces. And now, sadly, this is something else empirical to wave in their faces.

At the same time, as I tell libertarians, Paultards (who won’t listen) and the Glenn Greenwalds and Conor Friedersdorfs of the world, I want economic freedom, too, freedom from big biz controlling the future of the country. And, Gary Johnson or whomever of a libertarian bent isn’t going to give me that.

Meanwhile, indirectly related to Obama, here’s yet another reason, again, not to vote for either Tweedledee or Tweedledum ... current incarnation, or future representatives of either Republicans or Democrats — the fallout from "outsourcing" military functions.

That’s right, if you work for any contractor, toughshit if you get hurt in a war zone. Tough shit.
Now for the people who make $100K for Blackwater become Xe and now renamed Academi (Erik Prince, Wikipedia and everybody else know who you still are) I don’t feel sorry. But a truck driver for Halliburton making half that? Or less? Absolutely, this is wrong.

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