October 13, 2012

#Anonymous needs to hack #Zuckerberg and petard-hoist

Wouldn't it be really cool if someone from Anonymous, or another high-grade hacker, could get all the info on all of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's credit cards. And, for good measure, could do the same with everybody in Facebook Marketing.

And, then, rather than just post that info on such a bulletin board, use it!

Use it to pay the $7 a pop for Facebook's "promote" button and use it about a bazillion times.

Then, threaten to rehack whenever Zuckerberg and his minions get new credit cards.

Oh, and if you think this should be shared, if you "@" both "Mark Zuckerberg" and "Facebook Marketing" on Facebook, it will tag them just like your friends, so you can share this message indeed.

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