October 06, 2012

#PowerLine — Hindlicker is a doofus indeed

Now, remember, I’m a Green voter, not a Democrat.  So, while I could care less about Obama, I don’t care that much about him.

Nor do I care about a corporation-run pseudo-debate that antidemocratically excludes third-party candidates.

And, take note, I agree that Obama probably did lose the first debate. I don’t buy the arguments that he was so nice as to make Romney look over-aggressive. Nor do I buy the Chris Mooney claims that he was too liberal-nice, too eggheady or whatever.

Rather, it’s clear that he succumbed to incumbent-itis; there’s a history of incumbent presidents getting lazy on prepping for their first debates against their challengers; Reagan vs. Mondale in  1984 is the best example yet.

So, The New Yorker is spot on to have, in a riff on Clint Eastwood’s empty chair speech at the GOP convention, Romney debating an empty chair as its cover art.

But, for John Hindraker of the Power Line blog to claim Obama has “lost” The New Yorker is a full-of-shit lie even judging him by his own self-set standards.

The cover is about the debate, and nothing else. AND, this is the same The New Yorker that had the famous Barack and Michelle fist-bump cover a couple of years ago.

It’s stuff like this that has Big John richly earning and deserving the name of Hindlicker.

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