June 13, 2012

Kenny Boy Salazar caves again; will he do it on #hunting?

So, the dunes sagebrush lizard isn't going to get an Endangered Species Act listing. Shock me. Although Ken Salazar is not Gayle Norton, nonetheless, he's the most oil-friendly Interior Secretary besides her since, say 1964 and passage of the Wilderness Act.

Meanwhile, the GOP is now making noise about hunting in national parks. Given that Dear Leader "caved" on guns in national parks, who knows what he and Kenny Boy will do on this issue if it gains traction?

Per an email alert from the National Parks Conservation Association:
Senator Jim Risch of Idaho has filed an amendment to the Farm Bill which the Senate is debating this week. This amendment could open most of the 397 units of the National Park System to hunting--same as the bill passed by the House of Representatives in April, the Sportsmen’s Heritage Act (H.R. 4089).

The bill includes language that purports to exclude national parks and national monuments like Yellowstone and the Great Smoky Mountains from hunting and recreational shooting, but it does NOT provide a guarantee. According to our recent legal analysis, the bill would open parks to hunting--where currently these activities are prohibited--unless the National Park Service goes through an exhaustive, time-consuming, costly process to close them.
Do we trust gun nuts to be satisfied with a mile when they can claim 10? And, do we trust modern national Democrats to ever have a spine on guns issues? No and no.

If you don't live in a total gun-nuts Senators state, click this link to contact your Senators to oppose this.

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