June 13, 2012

Yankee homerism at ESPN

How can Don Denkinger's blown call in Game 6 of the 1985 World Series not be the worst blown umpiring call in Major League Baseball history?

When you're David Schoenfield, you're at ESPN, and on your list of five worst calls, you want to put one in a Yankees-Orioles playoff game at No. 1, and Denkinger's in the 1985 Cardinals-Royals World Series at No. 2. 

Todd Worrell was robbed. I don't care about Jack Clark and Darrell Porter mutually missing the foul pop-up by Steve Balboni after that. The team had been rattled.

Oh,  and this was a Game 6, not a Game 1, unlike the 1996 ALCS game that Schoenfield has at No. 1.

Other than Jim Caple's weekly "Off Base," with its box score from the past trivia, ESPN's baseball writing gets worse all the time, I think. If it's not Yankee homerism, it's Hall of Fame fluffery.

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