May 26, 2012

Some Texas primary predictions

1. The GOP will go to a runoff in the Senate race, Dewhurst vs. Cruz; sorry, Tom Leppert, but you're the odd man out.

2. Paul Sadler will get the Democratic nod. He's the only one of the four Dems with close to name recognition.

3. The 10-man GOP field in the 25th Congressional will definitely go to a runoff, with nobody breaking 25 percent. Geez, what a race. A semi-rural district bringing tea partiers out of the woodwork.

4. No Democrats will win county-level races in Burnet or Llano counties because, as I blogged before, nobody filed!

5. Domingo Garcia will get his hat handed to him in the 33rd Congressional Democratic primary. His career will be dead for good this time, and Elba Garcia will have to look at a blown opportunity of the wrong Garcia running (assuming she wants to move beyond the Dallas County Commissioners Court).

6. The Green Party convention early next month will have less bland candidates than many Democrats. Paul Sadler? Really? If nothing else, you can run for gov in two years, and keep the bland Democrats streak alive there.

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PDiddie, aka Perry Hussein Dorrell said...

Speaking of the Green state convention...

They're also hosting David Cobb's "Move to Amend" roadshow on Friday, June 8.