May 24, 2012

Dear #ESPN - #Berkman is NOT a #HOF candidate

Once again, ESPN's "fluffers" for the Baseball Hall of Fame are busy fluffing away.

This time, it's David Schoenfield, who's done it before.

No, David, Lance Berkman is not even on a HOF bubble. And, no, contra your fluffery, he wasn't on a HOF bubble even before this year's multiple injuries, and he certainly isn't now. (Especially not with knee surgery putting him on the shelf through at least the end of July. He's not on the bubble now, and never will get there.)

He doesn't even have 2,000 hits, in the counting stats, and he's not yet at 1,200 runs or RBIs. In sabermetric stats, he's just barely at 50 oWAR (weak for someone with 1B as their primary spot) and has more than 11 dWAR to the negative.

And yes, per a comment you make, I am insulted you'd write something like this.

Let's do the "look test," too. Or the "name test." When you look at, or talk about, Lance Berkman, do you really think "Hall of Famer"? Didn't think so.

This is why I've said for some time that Yahoo Sports is generally better than ESPN. The fact that 60 percent of voters on the poll attached to the post actually agree with Schoenfield shows that Yahoo Sports probably has better fans reading it, too.

Oh, and if supposedly knowledgeable Cards fans were doing ballot box stuffing on that poll, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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