May 21, 2012

#DavidBrooks jumps a whole sea of sharks

So, an Obama campaign ad against Bain Capital being a vampire is turning its back on 40 years of American good?

It is, if you're David Brooks.

The only thing I might agree with is the Obama ad didn't focus on the worst victim of Bain.

Contra Brooks, venture capitalists are often vampires. And, often, bad-management ones themselves. The old TXU hasn't made money one single year since Texas Pacific bought it out.

Of course, if National Review is your prime research source on private equity, you'll utter inanities like this.

Instead, he should have watched videos/ads of some of Romney's fellow Republicans.

As for the claim that banks wouldn't lend money to corporate looters, I say:

David Brooks, meet subprime bubble.

Even by Brooks' standards, this column is pure idiocy.

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