May 04, 2012

Joey Dauben situation goes from bad to worse

It's been a while since I've checked in on the situation on Ellis County, south suburban Dallas, and its Walter Mitty/William Randolph Hearst in his own mind pseudo-muckraking "journalist" Joey Dauben.

The would-be muckraker had a "backfire" late last year, though, being arrested for sexual assault as an early Christmas present.

For a basic early take on him by me, see here. For fluff from a bored week at the Dallas Observer, see this Joey Dauben profile.

So, it's no surprise he claimed the arrest was a big conspiracy.

Anyway, it might be  good news that Dauben's original $200K bond was lowered to $50K and he's out right now. On the other hand, he has to wear an ankle monitor and refrain from Internet usage. That will just kill him.

AND ... he had to surrender the Ellis County Observer website to the state. He's fighting that, but, right now, the site is blank.

Dauben says he plans to fight the issue, which he still says is part of a conspiracy.

I've got another question.

Given that the sexual assault charge, a "statuatory" case, was against a male, that Dauben has been vociferously homophobic and that there's evidence that that is "repressive," and that the Dallas Voice, Dallas's GLBT paper, is covering this so extensively ....

"Joey, are you gay?"

Seriously. It's a legitimate question. If Joey doesn't want to talk himself, then, if David Webb at the Dallas Voice has any more info, he should speak up.

Update, March 16, 2013: I had a new light bulb pop on tonight. Joey Dauben reminds me of a slightly less mature James O'Keefe of Breitbart fame, detailed here in all his sordidness. 

Update 2, July 19, 2017: How did Dauben know that a mayor of tiny little Henderson County burg Seven Points, way away from Ellis County, was gay unless Dauben has a gay grapevine or good gay gaydar?

And, why did you feel compelled to say "I'm not gay"?

Joey, you're in prison because of repression and denial, IMO.


John R Huff Jr said...
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Gadfly said...

Given his political stances, and that he's made himself a public figure, it's the business of the public in general, John. Happening to know Joey personally, I can confidently say that.

Just Sayin' said...

John, perhaps when Joey told you he wasn't gay, it was really just his way of letting you down gently because he's just not that into you.

I've seen you around and you creep me out.