May 03, 2012

#Amazon vs. #Google: TV showdown time

Last year, Google announced it would be rolling out a set of You Tube TV channels.

And now, Amazon is firing back. Like Google, it will have original programming as part of this. And it's already announced what it will pay for scripts.

Now, neither one of these folks is in any way beholden to cable companies, either, other than for Internet transmission for folks not on DSL, wireless, or glorious dial-up. So, will this finally be the stake or silver-bullet to kill "packaged" cable programming and open the door to a la carte instead? Especially if you add in the idea of "apps" for TV networks? You know Google will do apps for its You Tube channels, and Amazon, with its tablet Fire, will do the same.

That said, what the hell will Amazon and Google bombard us with? The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, might need a couple of add-on zeros for a remake of "57 Channels and Nothing's On."

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