April 30, 2012

Addicted to anxiety ...

Is such a thing possible? Arguably,  it's desired by some, including the author of this excellent and thought provoking column.

Here's the heart of it ... like a good column, not at the top of an inverted pyramid:
What really makes my anxiety go away is time and distance. But here’s the thing: part of me doesn’t want it to go away. I actually thrive on and revel in the heart pounding and discomfort, and I enjoy it even more when I am dumping booze or cigarettes on the fire that is burning in my heart and brain. ...

As things have gone better and better for me in my career, the anxiety levels ratchet up faster and more often. It comes in waves: I become very introverted and detached. I have trouble dealing with people around me. I become controlling and passive at the same moment, stressing about minor details while often losing sight of the situation at hand. My heart races and everything seems to move super fast. I also become funny. I jab out of my shell using humor and jokes and non-sequiturs.
It appears he likes the anxiety because it makes him feel more ... alive.

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