April 18, 2012

Obama campaign tries to diversify

So, America's first black post-racial president, who didn't really tune into ongoing racial issues in America into Trayvon's recent fatal shooting, now suddenly recognizes that rich white Wall Streeters (too bad Stanley O'Neal isn't still running Merrill Lynch, for at least token status, eh?) needs to diversify his campaign.

Have fun. Maybe he will get O'Neal and a few other rich black folks. He can come down here to Texas for Tony Sanchez asa  rich Hispanic person, too!

Seriously, though, if you're not rich, and you're a minority, as income disparity has continued to grow under Obama, he's ditched demand-side economics that might actually give you a job, etc., why would you vote for him? Racial identification? Romney-mongering fears? And, will Team Obama muster enough enthusiasm from you that Romney-mongering will push you over the edge and into the voting booth?

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