April 18, 2012

Do cats have #madcow?

I can't believe scientists haven't thought of that suggestion for "robotic disease" after not finding a pathogenic cause.

Here's the basics of what's up:
The cats seemed to have a slowly-pro­g­ress­ing neu­ro­lo­g­i­cal dis­ease, and to have de­vel­oped it start­ing at a late age, the re­search­ers said. The ill­ness did­n’t kill any of the fe­lines, they added, but over time ap­peared to make their lives so mis­er­a­ble that some own­ers de­cid­ed to have them put down.
From that, and one other thing, here's why I suggest mad cow:

First, the where of the illness. Definitely in Scotland, possibly in northern Europe, other locations. And, the UK was the epicenter of mad cow disease. Assume that downer cows were processed into pet food at the same time the human scare was happening and possibly even illicitly after a ban on human food use of downers.

Second, the symptoms. Slowly progressing, and it's called staggering disease, too. Doesn't that sounds like a bad-prion infested "mad" cow? Does to me.

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