April 19, 2012

Newspaper ad revenue still struggles

As I've noted before, one obvious and main reason newspaper journalism is the fifth-worst job in the country, per recent posts of mine, is the decline in revenue.

And, per financial self-reporting by the New York Times, that looks likely to continue. The old gray lady says digital ad revenue continues to slump. This is in line with recent financials fromm Lee and other media groups. Those that own TV as well as newspapers generally say the ongoing slump is newspaper-only; TV ad revenue is on the rebound.

Yes, John/Jane Q. Public keep talking about how much news they read, and even if not from a newspaper website, it may be from something linked to a newspaper website. But, that's still not helping the ad situation, so newspapers' hopes may continue to be unfounded, no matter what people say about the importance of news, nor what they consider to be "news." After all, a majority of people still don't know the name of the Chief Justice of the United States.

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