April 17, 2012

The latest on Bush and the Air National Guard

If you've not yet heard, Texas Monthly moves the ball several steps forward on the question of whether or not George W. Bush got special help from Ben Barnes and friends to dodge Vietnam service by getting in the Air National Guard.

A few takeaways:
1. In all likelihood, yes, on getting help to get in the ANG;
2. Worry about this coming out is connected to GTECH and the Texas Lottery;
3. So, too, is Bush yanking Harriett Miers' SCOTUS nomination, and other things;
4. Mary Maples was largely right on her investigation;
5. Dan Rather was largely disengaged from her work;
6. Hatfield's "Favorite Son" may be connected to this.

My thoughts? Bush may well have been doing drug-crime community service at PULL in Houston in 1972. He's definitely not so macho; one reason for him stopping flying the original trainers in the ANG was apparently landing-related fears.

That said, Joe Hagan didn't get "to the bottom" of anything. He got deeper, deeper behind the story and the story about the story, but we're far from the "bottom." And will remain so until somebody talks more.

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