February 21, 2012

Ichiro at No. 3?

Tis a new day not in Mudville, but in the lineup of the Seattle Mariners. Manager Eric Wedge says that career lead-off hitter Ichiro will move down to No. 3 in the lineup.

Ichiro is rumored to have more power than he has shown at lead-off, and he is slowing down a touch in the field. Will he unveil a bat that, if not 25 HRs, belts at least 15? I find it interesting, but would only have dropped him to No. 2. Of course, Wedge may think that Ichiro would still think too much like a lead-off hitter in the 2 hole. 

Question No. 2: Is Ichiro really open to this, or is he just saying what he thinks he should say for public consumption?

Question No. 3: Couldn't Wedge do better than Chone Figgins at the top of the lineup instead of Ichiro?

Not that the M's are likely to make the postseason anyway, but still.

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