February 20, 2012

CAFO vs. test tubes

Even as a spokesperson for concentrated animal feedlot operations, Missouri Farm Bureau president Blake Hurst, bitches over McDonald's wanting slightly happy pigs, his industry has a much bigger problem -- exploding hog shit.

Meanwhile, it's beef, not bacon, but British scientists are ready to serve test-tube meat to the public this fall. Mmm, beefy!

Jokes aside, and Europeans' and some Americans' worry about Frankenfoods aside, if more and more people in the world want meat, or a facsimile  of it, things like this are the way we have to go. Not to mention reducing farm animal methane of global warming concerns.

We have to adequately regulate this, which is where Europe is ahead, of course. And, in both Europe and the U.S. this removes one more reason to keep subsidizing CAFOs.

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