January 14, 2012

Tricky Ricky Perry embarrassed in own backyard

Right here in Texas, a big confab of social conservative GOP wheeler-deelers met, put their heads together on backing a single option to Mitt Romney in the GOP primaries, and supported Rick ... Santorum, that is.

Now, will evangelical rank-and-file in South Carolina take marching orders? Gingrich supporters at the confab apparently remain obstinate, which lends credence to the possibility of a "Newt going nuclear" angle.

Meanwhile, back to Tricky Ricky. He didn't even make it past the first round of balloting.

If he fails to break, say, 15 percent in South Carolina, expect him to reassess his candidacy again, then to have Anita stick her hand up his backside and have him again reassess a reassessment a day later.

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