January 13, 2012

Mike Leach should have locked Craig James in a closet not his son

Craig James, the on-leave ESPN columnist who is running for the GOP nomination to replace Kay Bailey Hutchison for the U.S. Senate, is as nutbar as all the other candidates in the race.

And, as trite and trivial, calling the Constitution the "playbook." Apparently, neither he nor any other candidate have actually read that "playbook," being either hugely ignorant or hugely dismissive of the necessary and proper clause and other things.

Even scarier, Texas Democrats originally had retired Gen. Ricardo Sanchez as the only real option, and now, even worse, have nobody. Let's hope we have a Green candidate of note. This is part of Democrats' ongoing failure to find decent candidates for statewide office in Texas. In the governor's race, that's been a problem since Ann Richards ran for re-election. Gary Mauro, Tony Sanchez, Chris Bell and  Bill White? All horrible as candidates in terms of campaign strategies and skills, mostly horrible on their politics.

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