January 05, 2012

Angels pay Pujols all that #stlcards should have

I blogged more than once, before Albert Pujols left the St. Louis Cardinals, that Cards management should have given him a contract similar to what A-Rod has with the Yankees, with career milestone incentives.

Well, the Los Angeles Angels did just that, it turns out. This includes $3M for 3,000 hits and $7M for passing Barry Bonds with homer 763. And, as I've blogged elsewhere, the second target is at least somewhat feasible, and the first certainly is more than "feasible."

And, as I noted here and here, in light of an A-Rod type deal, especially if the team had acted sooner, it could have afforded to do something like this.

I'll still be a Cards' fan. But, unless Pujols has a sharp, quick falloff, I'll look ever-more-skeptically at team management.

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