January 05, 2012

School district slashes staff ... to hire #ToddDodge???

Texas football fans know Todd Dodge as a legendary title-winning coach at Southlake Carroll High School in metropolitan Dallas.

He then tried to jump to the collegiate level, but struggled and ultimately flopped at the University of North Texas, before moving to positional coaching, now serving as quarterbacks coach at Pitt.

But with the Panthers getting a new head coach, the old staff is out the door.

Meanwhile, in the Marble Falls ISD, after deleting staff ranks by attrition, the new superintendent pushed the had-been-current head coach/athletic director out the door. That's only a link to a story stub, but an updated version will be posted eventually. The superintendent said the search will be "big" and could take some time, but, since Dodge recently looked at nearby Burnet but pulled back when it wouldn't give him more time to come there, landing him could be quite likely.

Meanwhile, this all leaves open the question of just how much Texas school districts will really do in the way of cutting educational needs to sacrifice to the true god of athletic mammon in Texas, football. That starts with slashing other staff, then continues to forcing your current coach/AD into a newly created make-work job for which he'll have to be paid, just to get him out of the way.

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