January 04, 2012

Did Obama steal Anita Perry's backbone?

First, we here in Texas, especially, know why Rick Perry reassessed his reassessment of the state of his campaign. Wife Anita, who could be a slightly less Stepford version of Cal(l)ista Flockhart Gingrich, has had his cojones in her personal jewel box ever since rumors about Brokeback Rick and his allegedly pending offshore divorce plans nearly a decade ago.

In other words, the "god" that told Rick Perry to run has a first name, and it's Anita.

That said, Barack Obama has found a backbone that Michelle Obama never had to worry about stealing from him, or so it temporarily seems.

Recess appointments not only to head the consumer finance agency but to bring the National Labor Relations Board up to full strength? What, other than the 2012 presidential elections, is up with that?

Actually, on the NLRB, it's probably clear, as Keystone XL is also indicating. Obama believes he needs both the numbers and organizing potential of unions to shore up his candidacy and rebuild enthusiasm that young Occupiers probably won't all have for him. So, this backbone probably won't extend to environmental issues. And, even with unions, it will be subverted to Dear Leader's version of "triangulation" on other economic-related issues. What if the debt stupid-committee or the Catfood Commission open their collective mouths, though?

Stay tuned.

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