December 30, 2011

The one true libertarian leaves GOP race - NOT #RonPaul

There was one no real libertarian in the GOP presidential race, but we're now down to zero, as Gary Johnson is seeking the Libertarian Party nod. Sit DOWN, Ron Paul and Paul-tards. As Johnson said, in reference. to Paul, "I am not a social conservative," indicating the truth that Paul IS.

Will the fact that Johnson is, as the Libertarian Party bragged, the first two-term governor to join the party, help it in the fall, should Johnson get the nod? Probably a bit, in Libertarian Party terms.

That said, as to Johnson's complaints about the GOP? All valid. He deserved on the debate platform more than Santorum based on polling alone. He also deserved up there over Bachmann and others based on the executive experience background.

But, while they, and Paul, are just bat-shit crazy, they're not too bat-shit crazy for Republican elections. But the GOP can't accept true social libertarianism at all. No drug legalization on top of pro-choice and other issues. So, Johnson gets frozen out.

And, per Sheldon's comment below, click here for a great cartoon on the varieties of bat-shit libertarian, vs. actual social libertarians like he and I are.


Sheldon said...

"There was one no real libertarian in the GOP presidential race, but we're now down to zero,"

Huh? Actually, I know what you meant. But shouldn't we grant people the right to identify as they see fit without outsiders claiming they are not "true"? Perhaps there are multiple types of "libertarians" of which Paul is one variety?

From my libertarian socialist perspective, neither is a true libertarian because they believe in the system of wage labor slavery.

Gadfly said...

Oh, I agree with you, and I "love" libertarians who either don't get, or reject, the idea of "libertarian socialism." I've directed some of them to Wikipedia's page on it, which is pretty good.

But, you know what I mean, as far as what most people in Amerika define as "libertarian," and by those lights, even, Ron Paul ain't one. Besides, you know I like tweaking the Paul-tards.