December 27, 2011

2012 economic-political sneak peak

Early economic predictions for 2012 continue to sound like could be good news, could be iffy news for President Barack Obama's re-election chances.

Growth is expected to be better in the coming year, breaking 2.5 percent. But unemployment is only expected to drop slightly, down to 8. 4 percent by election time in November.

The story adds that the Federal Reserve could be more aggressive next year. Changes on its policy board will help that.

So, for Obama, the tipping point on his chances will probably remain, as they have been, who his opponent is. Although Romney has his job-slashing background on his resume, he doesn't come off as batshit crazy, like Gingrich or Paul. Everybody else is probably already falling outside the ring of probability. And, Romney does have the executive angle, the telegenic angle, etc.

What if Paul runs as a Libertarian? Or Huntsman angles for the Americans Elect nod? The former? Helps Obama for sure. The latter? A real wild card.

In short, this election is going to remain up in the air.

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