December 08, 2011

#EPA: #Fracking fouls Wyoming water

The Environmental Protection Agency has come out with what is indeed a strong statement for that organzation, saying it's pretty clear that hydrofracking for natural gas has contaminated groundwater, including drinking water, in and around Pavilion, Wyo.

EPA does say its findings are specific to this area, due in part to the closeness of natural-gas wells and groundwater. Nonetheless, this is news that gas companies aren't going to like to hear. Well, too bad. Drill and frack cleanly.

The AP has now led a story on the announcement.
Environmentalists welcomed the news of the EPA report, calling it an important turning point in the fracking debate.
"This is an important first indication there are potential problems with fracking that can impact domestic water wells. It's I think a clarion call to industry to make sure they take a great deal of care in their drilling practices," said Steve Jones with the Wyoming Outdoor Council.
Pavillion resident John Fenton, chairman of the group Pavillion Area Concerned Citizens, applauded the EPA for listening to the homeowners with contaminated water.
"Those of us who suffer the impacts from the unchecked development in our community are extremely happy the contamination source is being identified," Fenton said.
Pavilion gas field owner Encana ... of leaky pipelines fame, no less .. is trying to play this finding wayyyy down.

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