SocraticGadfly: #Whatsinyourwallet Mitt? Maybe more than the #DNC

December 10, 2011

#Whatsinyourwallet Mitt? Maybe more than the #DNC

Liar, flip-flopper share a "moment."/CBS News
Did Mitt Romney shoot himself in the foot with his offer of a $10K bet to Rick Perry in tonight's debate?

Contrary to folks like the Democratic National Committee and Democrats-first "liberal" bloggers, I disagree that he did in the way they think he did.

I don't think the amount of money made Romney sound out of touch with the average Iowan. 

I do think that claims like this are just another sign of the increasing bankruptcy of BOTH major political parties, in many ways, in this campaign. At the least, Ambrose Bierce's paired definitions of Republicans and Democrats in "The Devil's Dictionary" looks more and more true all the time.

I do think, though, that he shot himself in the foot by offering a bet like that. Within the GOP primaries, it will keep focus on whether he did or did not support an individual mandate, when, per Wikipedia (and I don't care what you say in a book, Mitt), Romneycare has an individual mandate.

So, Mitt hurt himself by focusing attention on the mandate issue.

Other lowlights from a debate ugly, trite and banal even by this year's GOP debate standards?

Newt the blatant flip-flopper: Newt was for the individual mandate before he was against it. And,, he wasn't called out by other candidates as much as he could have been. That said, Newt's second to none as a flip-flopper, so perhaps it was just information overload.

Bachmann the panderer. Good fucking doorknob, Bachmann should have just given Herman Cain a blowjob on stage.

Perry as the Gipper. Was he subconsciously trying to imitate a slower, dumber Ronald Reagan? It sure looked like it.

Santorum looked animated. Maybe somebody Santorumed him before the start of the debate.

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