November 04, 2011

CO2 takes record jump: #climatechange concern?

Wowsa. The world's emissions of carbon dioxide jumped 6 percent in 2010 from 2009.

Economic growth will undercut itself in the longer term if we don't address this, just as economic rebounds, even partial and scattered ones, now push oil prices higher and undercut themselves in part. Meanwhile, as China and India hugely ramp up their coal-fired power plants, that seems true indeed. The melting Himalayan glaciers will eventually undercut both agriculture and hydroelectric power in both countries.

China is now well ahead of us on emissions, and India is No. 3 and rising.

It looks like the upper end of temperature change forecasts by the IPCC and everybody else are going to come true, as we break the 400 ppm barrier on atmospheric CO2 any time now.

That said, Beijing is phasing out incandescent bulbs.

Most of the developed world can, from a modernist point of view, be a bit more "virtuous":
The developed countries that ratified the 1997 Kyoto Protocol greenhouse gas limiting treaty have reduced their emissions overall since then and have achieved their goals of cutting emissions to about 8 percent below 1990 levels. The U.S. did not ratify the agreement.
Note that I said "most" of the developed world; the United States still doesn't qualify. Texas will undercut itself by Houston having regular flooding in 50 years even as most the state dries out. Arizona by, speaking of glacial melt (and snowmelt) by watching what's left of the Colorado River shrivel up, again, cutting both agriculture and hydroelectric power, and Florida will watch much of the peninsular part of the state turn into a semi-regularly flooded swampland.

At that point, I'll expect these reddish-to-bright-red states to demand regular natural disaster relief from the federal government, continuing to live high on the welfare hog. In the near term, how will wingers react to China's announcement it's phasing out old-fashioned light bulbs? They went batshit over U.S. lighting efficiency regulation, even though it technically didn't ban incandescents, ignoring that it was a BushCo bill. More on that batshittery and what it might lead to next is here.

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