November 03, 2011

#Cubbies: Will Ron Santo finally get in the HOF?

For years, Cubs fans have insisted that legendary heels-clicking 3B Ron Santo should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. And for years, I've pushed back, though I have started to soften. This year, per Yahoo Sports, he could be the most likely "veterans commission" candidate to get in.

First, he arguably tops the list of eligible players.

Second, Brooks Robinson is on the selection committee. And favors Santo's admission.

That said, Ken Boyer is on the ballot, and I've also said before he's not that much below Santo overall. Where do you draw the line? More discussion of Boyer's chances/deservingness here.

Of the others on the veterans' list? Luis Tiant would get the most support from me, as a Catfish Hunter equivalent or better, though I really would prefer to vote out Hunter.

Gil Hodges? No. Everybody else among players on that list, no.

I could, though, see voting in Charlie O. Finley as an exec. Possibly Buzzie Bavasi, too.

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