October 28, 2011

A #Stlcards skeptic note 4 #JoshHamilton #TexasRangers

Given your inane comment after Game 6 Thursday night, did god tell the Texas Rangers to lose tonight?

If you're honest, now, and logical, you'd admit that. I think many people who aren't even agnostic or atheist are tired of athletes (and other celebrities of various stripes) claiming that god is on their side, wanted them to win, etc.


If there should be a god, your idea of him/her/it is wayyyy too small.

And if there isn't, well, your idea is just wrong.

In either case, your idea has zero real-world relevance.

If god does exist, and he's the architect of compassion and benevolence like you claim, he/she/it cares not a whit for one individual multimillionaire, or group thereof, beating out another individual or group that's similarly rich. And, if you tout some sort of success theology as claim he does, well, that's just social Darwinism in religious drag.

Lance Berkman, as noted here, says he doesn't pray for outcomes. Just to concentrate and do his best. If you are going to be a believer, that seems more nearly the "correct" belief stance.


PDiddie, aka Perry Hussein Dorrell said...

Yeah, but Berkman is also a TeaBagger, so I wasn't rooting for him or the Cards either. LaRussa and Pujols showed up at that Glenn Beck rally last year also.

FTR, not a Rangers fan at all. It was a very entertaining WS.

Gadfly said...

Not endorsing teabaggers, of course. But, on the prayer issue, at least, Berkman did show a decent example of humility.