October 25, 2011

#GreenParty gets a serious prez candidate - note to #OWS

Dr. Jill Stein, a Massachusetts physician and former gubernatorial candidate, has announced she's seeking the Green Party presidential nomination. This is definitely a real, serious presidential candidate. Someone who's not a neoliberal Democratic "echo" of the GOP. Someone whose platform includes a call for direct federal jobs creation. These are the types of demands, yes, demands, that Occupy Wall Street and its playacting-type Adbusters backers need to get its shit together and support. Period.

Read more about Dr. Stein at her website.


Sheldon said...

Yo Socratic Gadfly,
Thanks for this link. Last week I attended a meeting of the local Southwestern CO Green Party to raise the issue of holding a OWS solidarity event here, planning meeting is tonight. I will relay this message about Dr. Jill Stein.

On another note, did you know that yesterday below this post was a big ugly BP add. Now there is the add with the old man with the ripped 25 yr old's body. Probably selling woo. Is it really worth it, do you really depend on this add revenue of your blog?

diegueno said...

~shaking my head~

Really, have you guys thought this through?

If Greens are truly interested in winning a federal or even a state office, they'd not run for any office and work on changes to statutes to campaign finance and political practices (state-by-state, if need be) that will level the playing field so that Green candidates have a shot at winning elections.

Greens perenial indulgence in issues based campaigns that have a snowball's chance in hell of winning erodes the party's brand and ignores changes in media that could be used to change laws that will make it possible to elect people.

That all assumes that Greens actually want to make a difference in the world and regard their party more than an avocation.

Gadfly said...

Sheldon, no, I'm not getting rich off the ads. And, yes, I am debating dropping them again. There's about zero Green presence in this part of Texas, but I have been to Green meetings elsewhere.

Diegueno: Greens actually hold offices at the level of state representative or state senator in some states. And, addressing structural issues doesn't preclude running for office. And, why would you think Greens don't want to make a difference?

Sheldon said...

And besides, running for office and being shut out is a way to demonstrate what a bullshit democracy we really have. I certainly am not going to fall in line for Obama!

If you don't actually need the money, then drop them, because you are advertising for BP and grandpas with six pack abs. (which is just weird)

Gadfly said...

Agreed on not falling in line for Obama.