September 13, 2011

Obama LIES about 'we refuse to live in fear' after 9/11

Obama lies, folks, no other word for it.

First, the man himself was standing behind three-inch-thick bulletproof glass when he said that. If he really believed differently, he would have spoken in the open.

Second, later that, day, panicky, living-in-fear Americans forced multiple planes to be "escorted" by jets because somebody with darker skin spent too long in the plane's bathroom.

Third, to riff on that, when's "America's first black president" going to stop claiming we live in a post-racial America? When's he going to condemn the racial profiling that led to Sunday's "incidents"? When's he going to be honest enough to tell us whether he actually believes we're in post-racial America or that's just political talk?

Fourth, the man himself lives in political fear all the time, that he's going to be seen as insufficiently anti-terrorist or insufficiently pro-Israel.

Fifth, he himself, or his administration, stokes some of these other fears. Greenwald has a great roundup.

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