September 15, 2011

#MitchDaniels, ingnuts bring McCarthyism to debt

It appears Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (he who helped oversee the creation of much federal debt as Bush's OMB director) is using the phrase in his new book, "Keeping the Republic" (Safe for Rich, Crony Capitalsim Republicans) but wingnut Mona Charen, a speechwriter for Ronald Reagan when HE oversaw the creation of so much federal debt, isn't shy about parroting it.
Reviving the private sector must be the highest priority until the "Red Menace" of debt is tamed, Daniels argues.
And, since only Democrats increase our deficit, they're obviously the creator of the "Red Menace."

After all, per the Wiki link for Gov. Eli Lilly, we have this:
During his time as the director of the OMB, Bush referred to him as "the Blade," for his noted acumen at budget cutting. The $2.13 trillion budget Daniels submitted to Congress in 2001 would have made deep cuts in many agencies to accommodate the tax cuts being made, but few of the spending cuts were actually approved by Congress.
That was with a GOP House and a GOP Senate (pre-Jeffords defection). So, some "blade," eh?

Gov. Mitch the Red Menace!

That said, expect to see more of this "Red Menace" claim, with more denialism by wingnuts of how the GOP created much of it, as in Medicare Part D, wars with Iraq and Afghanistan, unnecessary tax cuts, etc. Or, as in the case of financial dereg (though this was very bipartisan) created the conditions that eventually led to additional federal debt. Add in the third part of the denialism, that people like Bush weren't "real conservatives." Funny how the wingnuts have so enshrined St. Ronald the Debt-Virtuous that nobody's thrown the "not a real conservative" epithet at him.

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