July 30, 2011

#FreethoughtBlogs: Initial thoughts

Here's PZip Myers' take on the new blog network he, Ed Brayton and others are establishing. My deconstruction will come soon enough.
The news is leaking out fast. Yes, we have a new blog network, http://freethoughtblogs.com, opening for business on Monday. We've got a good starting lineup, and will also be adding Greta Christina and Jen McCreight and some others once we shake out the bugs. We'll also consider adding a few other good blogs later -- ask me or +Ed Brayton once the dust settles -- but our goal is quality, not to build a massively huge network.

My plan is to post the current full content of Pharyngula on the new site. I will still be maintaining my relationship with Scienceblogs and National Geographic, but only select content will appear there: that is, science, anti-creationism, that sort of thing...the openly anti-religious material will be on FtB only. So if you're a Christian, you'll now be able to read Sb Pharyngula without crying (but don't fool yourself, I'll still be despising your foolish belief system); if you're a teacher, you'll be able to tell your students to read Sb Pharyngula without fearing the wrath of the PTA.
At Facebook, Ed added further info to various people. The group will also include Chris Roddy

OK, first of all, Ed said this was going to be science-focused.

I of course privately, though not to Ed's Facebook face, knew and said to myself that that simply wasn't going to be the case. And now, PZ has shown it so.

Greta Christina? All about politics. And, without meaning to be deliberately antagonistic, but simply descriptive, from a Gnu Lesbian angle.

Jen McCreight? BlagHag seems decent enough personally, but I'm not a follower of hers.

That said, Ed and P.Z. aren't 100 percent sympatico on all PR/marketing issues. Ed's said in the past he's really not a Gnu Atheist. And, in specific posts of his, he's questioned the legal tactics of more confrontationalist atheist organizations. Will he and P.Z. talk directly to/at each other on some of these issues in the future?

Who will have final call on recruiting new bloggers, too, in light of that?

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